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We are always interested in experienced and passionate people to join our amazing teams. Our current staff positions are listed below (click on each listing for more information on how to apply).

Most staff positions require a commitment of 1-2 years, regular monthly meeting attendance (can be virtual)

What is a Staff Member?

An artist who pitches and contributes work to the Boidehi team in their respected medium. Our staff creates content weekly or monthly for Boidehi that aligns with our values and aesthetics.

Why Join the Boidehi Team?

Our team is full of like-minded creative individuals who are dedicated to making Boidehi Magazine a fully functioning editorial zine. Joining our staff will include texts and tik toks sent at 3 a.m., team meetings on the zoom of our team talking business and bonding, and the unique experience of collaborating with motivated creatives. You will be surrounded by people who want to help you grow creatively and professionally.

Things to note:

  • All positions are volunteer and unpaid. We are still a young zine, but all our staff members are excited and dedicated to putting in the hours to keep Boidehi thriving.
  • Applications are open worldwide and to everyone (see our inclusivity statement here).
  • By submitting an application, you confirm that you are dedicated to Boidehi’s mission and producing content consistently for Boidehi.

To be a part of Our Magazines team you must:

  • Be between the ages of 12+
  • Have your parent/guardians permission (if you're under 18)
  • Live in India
  • Be committed to doing a minimum of one task a month for the magazine

Join our volunteer team of young artists, writers, editors, and designers, and more!

You will only be notified if you got the position. If you have applied in the past and would like your application to be reconsidered for the same role, please contact the email on your application


This person will work with the Development Director to organize events. They can also work with the Edit team to develop tie-in events with topics/people relevant to what's being published.


This person will be responsible for extending Hyphen brand reach and awareness, as well as media or events partnership opportunities with other organizations or publications. They will also work directly with social media coordinators to manage requests to advertise through Hyphen media channels.


Boidehi is looking for several talented Creative Designers to help us create original elements for the website, including simple banner headers for special sections/articles, marketing promo materials, and other creative elements as needed. The expected workload is up to 5 banners a month, possibly less. The ability to do original artwork is a plus but not necessary.

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Seeking an artistic and highly organized person with an affinity for Indian culture. You’ll lead the creative team which includes an Art Director, Photo Director, photo editor, and designers and work closely with the editorial staff to develop and maintain the artistic design of Boidehi's new online iteration. You’ll also be a member of the Boidehi leadership team, a collaborative leadership structure comprised of team leads and longtime staffers. 

Special Team

Not Interested In Writing, Editing, etc..We have a special post for you.

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